Public Diplomacy and Global Communication 2014b

Effects of 24/7 television coverage on public diplomacy

Effects of 24/7 television coverage on public diplomacy

The effects of television coverage of political issues are having an influence in public policies and public communication. Whether those effects are positive varies on whose perspective you are looking at the issue from. BBC news coverage an Al-Jazeera are recognised worldwide and watched by millions covering all types of significant global events and allowing the options of so many individuals to be shared. Therefore, this in itself shows one effect of television coverage on public diplomacy, it has created a platform for effective communication. Communication is essential for diplomacy especially in today’s globalised world. Television has allowed for communication to transpire boarders. It has allowed for political leaders to reach ordinary day citizens and allow to the citizens to understand their representatives more clearly. Some have agreed that the 24/7 television coverage on global world issues has meant that there is more accountability and individuals taking responsibility. Political affairs are now much more in the public eye because of television coverage which has in turn meant that politicians also are using television and media to justify decisions or continuous issues. Another positive of 24/7 television coverage on public diplomacy is that it allows for open debate. Debate is essential in democratic society and allows for freedom to express opinion and thought. Politicians can present the most continuous issues to everyone and allow for input to come from all different levels. With the decision on war on terrorism, there was a constant coverage of the event taking place.
However, while as discussed above there are positive aspects of the 24/7 television coverage on public diplomacy there is also negative effects. This why it has become a debatable issue. To begin with there is many who believe that the television coverage has not led to accountability and transparency because most media and programmes are publicly run/funded or highly influenced by these political leaders which they discuss. It is difficult to know what content of coverage you see on television is real and what aspect has been swayed or influenced. There have many that claimed that the media only allows the public to see one side of the story, thereby minimising the potential for public outrage. The other negative effect of 24/7 television coverage new issues/events is that some believe that by watching coverage of types of events, some very tragic has meant that the public are becoming more immune to the emotional aspect to the issue being covered.
The effects of 24/7 coverage of word event on public policy will remain controversial and many will continue to hold the view that it is not unbiased.


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2 thoughts on “Effects of 24/7 television coverage on public diplomacy

  1. Thank you for your thoughts on this subject, which presents a fairly balanced discussion of the issues.

    Blog posts are most effective when they:

    – explore a particular case study or illustration
    – relate to a key theme/debate/concept from the module with a few references
    – are illustrated with images, videos and links to relevant sites
    – make a clear point rather than present a broad overview

    Please consider making amendments along some or all of these lines when revising this entry for inclusion in your portfolio.


  2. djtrue73 on said:

    While you have presented a good descriptive article covering many points, I would suggest that you highlight one or two main points that you could focus on. Maybe also look at including other opinions from theorists within the academic area.


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